Treatment refers to interventions and activities that seek to improve the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health and well-being of people who use or have used substances through various psychosocial and psychopharmacological therapeutic methods. Treatment services provide options along a continuum of care that support the different needs of individuals. 
Services may include withdrawal management services, peer-based support services, opioid substitution programs, day/evening programming, non-residential community counselling services, residential treatment, and ongoing medical care to name a few.



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Recovery Days North Bay

Celebrating Recovery from Addiction
People suffering from addictions are often judged as having moral weakness. Even once they have found recovery, that stigma may continue. Recovering from an addiction is hard enough, but for many former substance abusers, even more difficult is dealing with society’s judgement.
Recovery Day aims to put a face and a voice on those who have found the solution. By sharing these success stories, those who are still suffering can see that recovery is possible.
The mission of these events is to build awareness, challenge social stigma and celebrate the role recovery plays in improving lives for individual, families, and communities.
Our goals are:
  1. To provide an event with the vision of reducing stigma associated with substance use disorder and addiction.
  2. To encourage and support people on their recovery journey at whatever point that may be. 
  3. To collaborate with other service providers to offer a safe environment to learn what services and supports are available in the District.


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