In February 2011, the need for a drug strategy for the community was established. A
meeting of the North Bay Drug Awareness Community Committee was called in March
to discuss the issue. Following that date, the group formed and changed its name to the
North Bay and Area Community Drug Strategy Committee, and new members were
In November 2012, we received funding from the Minister of Tourism, Sport and
Culture, and a Project Coordinator was hired. The work that was completed resulted in
a report, substantiating the need to a regional drug strategy.
As part of the sustainability of the work to be completed, it was necessary to secure
additional funding. The same Ministry provided funding related to awareness,
information sharing, gathering public input, and an information program for teens. We
expected to directly reach 500 people through this stage in actuality over 3,700 were

The Strategy

Based on the information gathered through the first process, and updated and refined
since, a full strategy report was developed. ( See the information gathered in the report
available here).


The Committee has a new name and logo – Community Drug Strategy North Bay & Area
In September 2021, the Community Drug Strategy North Bay Area Steering
Committee (CDSNBA) changed the structure to mirror the profile of many of many
Ontario Provincial Drug Strategy Committees. The new identity has an established Executive Committee with defined roles and responsibilities. This Executive Committee will provide the strategic and operational leadership, direction, and guidance for the CDSNBA Committee and the 4 Pillars. The positions for this Committee presently are Coordinator, Chair, Vice-Chair,
Treasurer, Secretary and Media Relations.
The Executive Committee meets a week prior to the Steering Committee to discuss
agenda items, topics of interest and all other issues.